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Revd Rachel Murray

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This week, I began my ministry with you and I thought it might be helpful to share with you a little more about who I am. The daughter of a vicar, I was sure my vocation was in broadcasting and theatre.  Indeed, I had a successful career working for the BBC, Channel 5, British Forces TV and Sky Arts as a TV announcer and freelance as a voice over artist and actor. However, God then had other ideas and in 2010 I had the divine ‘tap on the shoulder’. To say I was surprised is understating the case.  Perhaps I felt the sort of shock the rich young man does in this Sunday’s (10th) reading. It took me another four years to finally say ‘Yes’. I started going to Gloucester Cathedral where I wrote and staged Medieval Mystery plays and put on ‘Way of the Cross’ on Good Friday in the city centre for 3 years. Spoiler alert: drama and theatre are big with me.  

In 2016 I went to Westcott House in Cambridge to train and joined St. Peter’s in Winchcombe in 2018 as their Curate. Actually the hardest thing was going from living in a house in Cheltenham to rather decrepit halls of residence with 8 to a floor and 1 rather elderly bathroom. OK when one is in their late teens or twenties, less fun at a more mature age! That felt very sacrificial.

Two months after moving to Winchcombe I met George, who is a huge joy in my life and we are getting married next year on March 26th, the day before Mothering Sunday. I shall take that Sunday off (!) but then will stay with you as we journey through Holy Week to Easter Day. After that we go on honeymoon and after that, who knows?

There is an icon in the chapel at Westcott House. It says, ‘You did not call me but I called you’. We are all called, ordained or lay to a particular ministry for God and I will be encouraging you through prayer, fellowship and worship to discern where God is calling you and where the Holy Spirit is at work at Holy Trinity, so we can join in.

‘The One who has called you is faithful’ wrote Paul to the Thessalonians. It is a great joy to be called to minister with you and I look forward to the next few months as we explore, pray, worship and enjoy being together through the grace of God.

Reverend Rachel Murray