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Holy Trinity Church

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Vicar: Revd Dr Gwyneth Gibbens

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Robin Hayter t:01452 414970

Trinity Hub Office (Hall and Church)

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Looking forward in hope

During the 4 weeks of Advent, knitted nativity characters of Mary, Joseph and a donkey will be travelling around Longlevens, finding shelter at a different home each night, until they arrive at Holy Trinity Church on Christmas Eve.

This will be a time of excitement and joy for each family as they welcome the Holy Family into their home and look forward to Christmas. The journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem over 2000 years ago was not a journey of choice or a joyous journey. They had to obey the demands of the occupying authorities to register as part of a census. It was also a journey of uncertainty. However much Mary trusted God and the miracle of her pregnancy, could she really understand the implications of being the mother of Emmanuel – God with us?

We face uncertainties as we take out journey through Advent towards Christmas. We all face the uncertainty of the election this month. We know the date, we know what our voting options are, but, whatever the result, we all face uncertainties about what the new Government will wish and

be able to do. There are many who face other uncertainties as they look forward to Christmas: whether they will have a home; whether they will be with friends or family or alone; whether they can afford to feed themselves.

Whatever fears and hopes we may have as we look forward to Advent and Christmas, I pray that we can look forward with hope, trusting that we can all offer respect, kindness, generosity of heart and integrity and enable the light of Christ to shine brightly amongst those we encounter at Christmas and into the new year.