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Holy Trinity Church

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Vicar: Revd Dr Gwyneth Gibbens

t:01452 524129

Parish Safeguarding Officer:

Elaine Simpson 07887 565089

Trinity Hub Office (Hall and Church)

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t:01452 307871

Photographs    Tina Dorner 2021

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Towards the end of January Christians around the world are invited to come together in a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This in an annual initiative to enable and reaffirm Christian unity. For 2021 the theme for the week is ‘Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit’, based on John 15.1-17

2020 has been a year of much uncertainty and at times leaders of nations, communities and individuals have acted in ways which have seemed to be driven by selfishness, sometimes resulting in the abuse of power.

2020 has also been a year during which we have seen selfless commitment to enrich life for others as many people, not least doctors and nurses, have given their time and used their gifts for the sake of others. Communities have experienced the fruitfulness of being alert to the needs of others, demonstrating that small acts of generosity and kindness can bring renewed hope to those trapped by fear, loneliness and poor health.

The week of prayer for Christian unity is held at the time of the year when Christian churches remember St Peter and St Paul, both of whom felt strongly called to follow Jesus and to live their lives in ways that honoured him, through a combination of prayer and action, that ensured that Jesus was always at the centre of their teaching and their conduct.

Though we continue to face constraints on worshipping together and spending time with friends, families and those in need, we can reach out in prayer. By doing so we can all be open to God’s call for us to cherish and nurture the well-being and fruitfulness of others. Then, when the opportunities arise we will be well equipped to respond fully, bearing much fruit.