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Holy Trinity Church

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Vicar: Revd Dr Gwyneth Gibbens

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Robin Hayter t:01452 414970

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Enabling the fruitfulness of the harvest

Walking around Longlevens recently I have noticed the commitment given to meeting the seasonal demands of the garden: weeding, clearing leaves, rethinking the position of shrubs and perennials…. the list could go on. I have lingered at the garden gate to chat and hear how a gardener is rethinking and adjusting the planting scheme and how hard pruning will enable new, bushy growth.

In the vicarage garden, I have rediscovered the border boundaries that had become lost under the wonderful growth of colourful perennial geraniums and am planning to move some perennials to places that will best honour their size, shape and colour. The autumn chores in a garden often offer the opportunity to gain fresh insights and reveal new opportunities.

We can all too easily become too settled in and familiar with our lives. It is helpful for us to have a seasonal review during which we may see things afresh, discovering value in adjusting what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve. Such review and reflection are valuable for us as

individuals and as families.

It is also important for us as a church. Through such seasonal review we have the opportunity to evaluate with fresh eyes the blessing of the gifts we each bring to the church. We may also then notice that some gifts could be used in a new way, allowing them to flourish and bring new hope, new growth and rich fruitfulness.


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