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Holy Trinity Church

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Priest on Secondment:

Revd Rachel Murray

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Elaine Simpson 07887 565089

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Christmas 2021

I wanted to share this piece of writing with you…..

‘It is often in the secular thoughts that preoccupy us at Christmas that the holy element comes close to us.  This is simply because wherever we are open in our humanity the mystery of God is present among us…

Every one of us carries with us something that is very carefully protected from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  In these times of silence that occur, especially at Christmas, we recall moments which we experienced life very intensely; times of suffering, great happiness, tender love, shy friendship or unfulfilled longing.  A human face, a habitual gesture made by a long-lost friend, a colour, the shape of a countryside well known in the past – these we remember, sometimes with astonishing clarity.  We like to keep such memories with us, dwell on them lovingly.  We feel at home in them, because what is most precious to us is made present in them.  At such times, we realise that our lives contain certain unique elements, experiences of special grace and power and that even insights that we had forgotten long ago can come to light and appear totally convincing again.  In those moments of recollection too, we see with great clarity that convictions and attitudes which can barely survive the hard experiences of daily life are of the greatest value and importance.

We are not simply at the mercy of the hopeless and often bad experiences that we have in the everyday world.  These do not ultimately determine what we are and what we may become.  New and unexpected things can always rise up out of our lives because there is, despite the anxiety and unhappiness that surrounds us, a hidden source of salvation in the world that can begin to flow at any time.  Something that is bright and pure and not simply superstitious or wildly enthusiastic is proclaimed in this Christmas mood.  It is that, there is a way from darkness into light: there is a light shining in the darkness of night.

Ladislas Boros ‘Feast of Silence’.

As we look forward to that light shining in the darkness, may I wish you and all whom you love a safe, blessed and joyous Christmas.

Rev Rachel

Reverend Rachel Murray