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March 2019

Trust and persevere

As I write these words, we face uncertainty as a country. We still do not have clarity or certainty regarding Brexit. What exactly will happen? What difference will it make? Who will be happy, who will be angry? Who will lose? Who will win? Whom will we blame?

We are invited to trust our Prime Minister, trust the promises for the future, yet we still face uncertainty and many are fearful. Wherever we place our trust, we face a time when perseverance is likely to be part of the challenge we face. And this is by no means the first time in our history that such a challenge has arisen.

During the February school holidays, I helped at a two-day event for Junior school children. It was organised by Sports Ministers from PSALMS, as part of their work in the Innsworth area. Kayleigh Sprague, from Holy Trinity, was there helping as a Young Leader and amongst the young people attending were a pupil from Longlevens Junior School and a pupil from Milestones School. As well as playing and enjoying lots of games, the young people spent some time thinking about trust and

perseverance. The story of Moses was used to help everyone think about the importance of these two values in our lives.

When we face uncertainty and are fearful, we can all too easily fall into the trap of being stubborn in our views and of seeking someone to blame. The trust and perseverance of the story of Moses was trust in God, who can give us the strength to persevere as we seek new hope. The new hope that God offered was opportunity for freedom from abuse of power. Moses needed trust and perseverance to face what seemed like endless and impossible challenges. He persevered for the good of others.

When playing sports, team members are trained and encouraged to trust each other as they persevere in achieving a common aim. When matches are played, the competing teams are required to play fairly, to respect and trust each other for fair play.

When Paul wrote about running a race and persevering, he was speaking of taking on a challenge with integrity to achieve an honourable, life enabling goal. This is the race of a Christian life lived well and is also the race of any church: to work as a team with trust and perseverance, keeping our focus on the goal – living life well for the sake of others.