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February 2018

Waiting for the light to shine.

Some of us rush into things without thinking beyond: ‘this is easy’ or ‘I’ll have a go and see what happens’. Some of us need to think things through. We want to be certain and happy about the consequences of our decisions and actions. Our daily life is rarely perfectly neat and tidy, neither is it mapped out with absolute certainty. The reality is that however well we plan or react, at times, we face challenges or disappointments.

Wisdom and trust enable our safe navigation through uncertainty and encounter with the challenging. At the end of January, members of Holy Trinity church, with the support of family, friends and children from our local schools took part in the play Jonah and the Big Fish. There was a lot of uncertainty during the planning and the production yet the determination of the producer Ian Calder, together with much trust, at least a smattering of wisdom and a generous dollop of hope – all was well.

The cover photograph on this magazine is from the play. Jonah is fed up. He thought he had made a wise decision, doing the exact opposite of what he had been asked to do and he ended up in deep trouble – swallowed by a big fish. Things got better and he was given another chance to have a go at what God was asking him to do. This time he plucked up the courage to do as asked. Then - after all trials and tribulations Jonah sulked: ‘I don’t know why I bothered going through all this stress and turmoil to do what you asked. And then you feel sorry for them and forgive them.’

Playing a small part in a big play is part of the success, however little we are noticed by the audience. Our effort is still worth it. We might think the applause is only for the star player, but we helped the star to shine, and for the audience to experience something very special.

‘This little light of mine, let it shine’ is a popular hymn. May the words inspire each of us to have confidence in the part we play however small, so that the light of Christ may shine through us and onto others.